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2017/2018 Board Of Directors
The San Diego 'N' Line Dancers Board of Directors, elected in May 2017, are:
- Kim Limtiaco             - M.B. Swikard
- Nancy Nakatani                   - Julie Blakeley
- Alice Clary             - Manica Barn-Gonzalez

You can contact any of the board members via e-mail by clicking above on their title.

Current 2017-2018 Board Members

Below are the pictures and campaign statements or our new officers. We hope these "bios" will help our newcomers get to know them and we hope you will look for them to say "Hi!" at our events.
Kim Limtiaco -- President

Kim's picture not available right now
Hi, My name is Kim Limtiaco. I have been a member of the San Diego N Line Dancers for several years and have been involved with dancing, teaching, and choreography for more than a decade. I look forward to providing my services to help our club to continue to thrive in the future.

I recently moved to La Mesa with my husband Steve and our 3 dogs. I’m a mother of two, Jennifer and Wesley and a Grandma to our 1st grandchild Ryan.

I truly love the line dancing community and will continue to do my best to promote what we love to do… Dance!!!

My knowledge of dance and past experience as a board member will help me do what is necessary to fulfill this position. Thank you for your consideration.
MB Swikard -- Vice President

MB's picture not available right now
Hello, my name is MB Swikard and I am running for the office of Vice President of the SDNLD Board. I previously served as Board Secretary for two years and having been an instructor locally to all levels of line dancers for 3 plus years --- and I have been line dancing for 9-10 years.

I hope to continue spreading the joy of dance to all dancers and making the club an inclusive group where everyone can come together and enjoy dancing and socializing with each other. I have met so many wonderful people through dancing and I look forward to meeting and dancing with many more. As Vice President I look forward to the opportunity to continue the work of our founding club members and keep the club a place where we can all have fun and enjoy our shared love of dancing.
Nancy Nakatani -- Secretary

Kim's picture not available right now
I was born and raised in San Diego—yes, I am one of the few native San Diegans. After I married my husband, Fred, we lived in various places in the U.S. and abroad. Fred was a career marine, so we moved every 3 or 4 years. Our final duty station was in San Diego, so we settled in Chula Vista where I grew up. We’ve been here since 1986.

I have been line dancing since 1996, and I am a long-time member of the San Diego 'n' Line Dancers. I'm not sure when I joined the club, but I believe that it's been more than ten years. I am currently serving on the San Diego ‘n’ Line Dancers Board as an Alternate IDA representative. I have served the club (along with my sister) by being in charge of setting up the refreshment table at our socials for five years; now we're taking care of the coffee/tea at our socials. I love line dancing, and I hope to help our club continue to be a successful center for promoting our passion for dance.
Julie Blakeley -- Treasurer

Julie's picture not available right now
My name is Julie Blakeley. I was born and raised in Vietnam and I am an accountant. My first experience with line dancing began with Diane Rojas, class in April 2011 when I joined for stress relief. Now, I am taking classes with both Diane Rojas and Mary Beth Swikard .
Alice Clary -- IDA Delegate

Alice's picture not avaialble right now
Hi all, I'm Alice Clary.

I have been an active SDNLD member for over 2 years. I have been an avid Line Dancer for the last 8 years. I have danced with many different instructors and attend Socials, Parties and Workshops throughout the state. I dance at the Fair and attend Las Vegas Explosion. I play music for the Saturday morning dance at the Escondido Elks.

Line dancing provides me with the opportunity to meet many talented, outgoing and generous people. As the IDA Delegate I can pay it forward to provide quality opportunities for SDNLD members and other line dancers.
Monica Barn-Gonzalez -- IDA Second Delegate

Monica's picture not available right now
My name is Monica Bryan-Gonzalez. I began linedancing with Diane Rojas in September 2013 after retiring as a High School Counselor. In 2015 I took lessons from MB and became a member of the SDNLD. It is such a delight to dance with so many wonderful people and I look forward to dancing many more years.

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