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2018/2019 Board Of Directors
The San Diego 'N' Line Dancers Board of Directors, elected in May 2018, are:
- Nancy Nakatani             - M.B. Swikard
- Monica Bryan-Gonzalez                   - Julie Blakeley
- Bev Yamamoto             - John Knapp

You can contact any of the board members via e-mail by clicking above on their title.

Current 2018-2019 Board Members

Below are the pictures and campaign statements of our new officers. We hope these "bios" will help our newcomers get to know them and we hope you will look for them to say "Hi!" at our events.
Nancy Nakatani -- President

Nancy's picture not available right now
I was born and raised in San Diego—yes, I am one of the few native San Diegans. After I married my husband, Fred, we lived in various places in the U.S. and abroad. Fred was a career marine, so we moved every 3 or 4 years. Our final duty station was in San Diego, so we settled in Chula Vista where I grew up. We’ve been here since 1986.

I have been line dancing since 1996, and I am a long-time member of the San Diego 'n' Line Dancers. I'm not sure when I joined the club, but I believe that it's been more than ten years. I am currently serving on the San Diego ‘n’ Line Dancers Board as an Alternate IDA representative. I have served the club (along with my sister) by being in charge of setting up the refreshment table at our socials for five years; now we're taking care of the coffee/tea at our socials. I love line dancing, and I hope to help our club continue to be a successful center for promoting our passion for dance.
MB Swikard -- Vice President

MB's picture not available right now
Dancing has been a life-long passion and through my SDNLD club participation I have been able to share that love of dancing- by teaching line dance classes and serving as a board member for SDNLD.

I hope to continue that mission in the coming year by returning to serve as Vice-President for the club.

I hope we can continue to grow the club by making line dancing accessible to all levels of dancers and keeping our Socials and Workshops fun for all members. I will continue the mission of seeking more active participation in club activities by the members- the club will only continue to thrive with cooperation and volunteerism.
Julie Blakeley -- Treasurer

Julie's picture not available right now
My name is Julie Blakeley and I am running for Treasurer of SDLND. I was born and raised in Vietnam and I am an accountant. My first experience with line dancing began with Diane Rojas, class in April 2011 when I joined for stress relief. Now, I am taking classes with both Diane Rojas and Mary Beth Swikard (MB). I enjoy dancing with all of you at the socials and workshops and look forward to serving as a board member.
Monica Bryan-Gonzalez -- Secretary

Monica's picture not available right now
My name is Monica Bryan-Gonzalez and I am running for the Secretary position on the SDNLD Board for 2018-2019. I have been a member for 3 years, held the IDA Alternate position this past year, and volunteered to set up and maintain supplies for the Food Table at the socials. My dancing experience includes 3 years with Diane Rojas and 4 years with MB Swikard. I enjoy learning new dances, attending the socials and building friendships. It is my goal to support our club so that we can continue to benefit from its membership.
Bev Yamamoto -- IDA Delegate

Bev's picture not avaialble right now
My name is Bev Yamamoto and I am running for IDA Delegate. I retired from Pacific Bell in 1995 and the following year my sister introduced me to line dancing. Here it is, 22 years later, and I still enjoy it. I currently take lessons twice a week with MB. I look forward to serving our dance club so we can continue to enjoy the wonderful facilities at Balboa Park.
John Knapp -- Alt IDA Delegate

John's picture not avaialble right now
My name is John Knapp and I am running for IDA Alternate Rep of the SDLND. I've lived in the San Diego area since '77 courtesy of the USN from which I retired in '95. I started dancing in '79 with Israeli Folk Dancing and added International Folk soon after. I am currently on the board of the Folk Dance Center.

I started doing County Western dancing (couple and line) in 2006 at InCahoots then the Wagon Wheel in 2008 and joined the SDNLD's in 2009 with whom I have participated in many County Fair and IDA festival performances. I currently teach a small line dance class at the Folk Dance Center.

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