May and June 2024 Workshop Cancelations

Due to this year’s SDNLD San Diego County Fair performance rehearsals, there will be no Dance4Fun workshop in May or June 2024, and there will be no Intermediate Workshop in June 2024 We will return to our regular workshop schedule in July 2024.

San Diego 'N' Line Dancers Liability Statement

I agree that unless stated otherwise, my email address will be the sole means by which SDNLD communicates with me and that it is my responsibility to ensure that mail sent from reaches my email box.

I understand I may not opt out of receiving notices of official SDNLD business such as resolutions, elections and similar communications that require membership votes or approval.

I agree to hold the San Diego 'N' Line Dancers and the organizers of their events and their agents harmless from all suits, claims, or demands of every kind and character arising out of and in conjunction with said events. I hereby authorize the reproduction, sale and copyright, exhibition, broadcast, and/or distribution of any videotape or photograph without limitations.